Workshops and Trainings

Learning to paddle?

We at AGITUR believe it reqires no special skills to learn to paddle. That's why we don't make  a fuss about it.
It is not so much the mode of transport or a question of technique but you may at first feel slightly ill at ease travelling through  new and unfamiliar surrounnddings, the proximity to water and being in a boat.
Once under way, learning how to handle a boat and to paddle is quckly and easily learnt.
Our experienced guides will be more than happy to give you tips and offer you advice  as to has you can improve your technique schould it be required.
Instruction in phyiscal movement and coordination is one to the key tasks of a sports teacher.
Nevertheless, taking a beginner's course or regular paractice is never wrong.
On the contrary, agood technique but above all agood lever of fitness can positvely influece enjoyment of a tour form the beginning.
We speialize in toures on the sea, therefore AGITUR offers only limited activities in Switzerland.
Should you feel the need for special instruction in your paddle technique, we advise you to seek what's on offer at Seakayakcenter, run by Sarah Zurbruegg at Lake Zug.

Weekend Workshops at Lake Biel

We offer you the opportunity of trial weekends in coorportation with Globepaddler Center in Biel.

Trial lessons in seakyaking

Introductory lessons and outings on Lake Biel (starting from Biel) in the evening or at weekends by arrangement.

Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Phone 079 310 31 82