Sardinia in Spring 2013

The Costa Smeralda together with the "Archipelago di La Maddalena" and the islets off the south coast of Corsica,are an area made for kayaking.
Enough room to make discoveries, to experience and enjoy nature. Kayaking is mainly along the coast, alternating with short crossings with regular breaks in hidden coves an white sandy beaches that make you think you are in the Caribbean.

Weather on sea or on land, the great contrasts of light an solour will dazzle you.
Surprisingly, spring is a quiet time of year in the archipelago, since it is the best season to be there, particulary for kayaking.

Nature on the islands is  blooming and the air is scented with the profusion of flowers.
Should kayaking not be possible because of strong winds, don't despair. The time can be profitably used exploring on foot the spectacular coastal scenery.

20.4. – 27.4.2013  (Tour 1)
27.4. – 4.5.2013 (Tour 2)
An ideal week for beginners and those who like a slower pace.

CHF 1'480.- (from Olbia)
Getting there and away from Switzerland to Olbia (train, cabin on a night ferry). Flüge ab Genf oder Milano.

Sign up before 27.03.2013

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