East Greenland 2013

„The secret of the Arctic cannot be revealed for the price of ship's passage or flight ticket.
One has to have experienced the storms and seen nature in a state of frozen solidity, breathed in the pure air of the kingdom of ice, observed the life cycles of the animals to sense the vitality of life, to guess at the profound law that governs all being in this polar world, to capture the tremendous beauty of the Arcitc - a part of the world where the power of the ice age still dominates.“

Auch im kommenden Sommer bietet AGITUR wieder eine Tour in Ostgrönland an.

For anyone arriving at Kulusuk all this is immediately clear after one look at the landscape and with the first breath of clear, cold air.
The icebergs from the glaciers and the drift ice driven by the East Greenlandstream, are pushed into the fjords by the tides. They lie on the perfectly smooth surface of the water and only appeart to be immobile. Kayaking in these waters is an extraordinary experience. Caution is required.

There is always enough time once on the way to relax and enjoy ourself. To see things with new eyes on easy hikes, to be amazed at the world, to expand your senses.
A trip to Greenland is to take a journey back in time, back to the last ice age and - perhaps - for a moment a place to find ourslef.

To get there we go via Iceland, where we spend two nights in Reykjavik.
This gives us time to explore, in a rental car or a tour bus. The island formed by volcanic activity and the impressive scenery make you soon forget home.

green flower

20.7. – 3.8.2013     (16 Days)
CHF 4'810.- (from Reykjavik)

3.8.  – 25.8.2013    (23 Days)
CHF 5'860.- (fromReykjavik)

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