We have never taken any shortcuts in the choice and quality of our equipment. Wheter it's boats, paddles, tents, or clothing - we only use the best. We use practical, high-quality equipment which is reliable. We consider this absolutely necessary for you to have a good holday. In terms of the equipement we provide, this is no funride.


Our kayaks are buildt for comfort and safety and one of their features is above average stability.They differ greatly from moste kayaks on the market and those used by other tour companies. Even in choppy water it is no problem to let go of the paddle to take a picture, to eat or drink, or to remove your paddle jacket without worrying that you will capsize. Not only inexperienced kayakers but also those with experience appriciate the special features of our kayaks. Furthermore, all our kayaks are equipped with a well thought-out foot steering system. Even wehen the wind is blowing side-on, the kayak is highly manoeuvrable.

Our experience gained on countless tours streching ober many years confirms again and again our choice of kayak.

Foalding Kayaks

Our Boats form Feathercraft and what they say about their products:

The wonder of a Feathercraft kayak is not just that it folds into a backpack. It also lets you experience the nuances of the water surrounding you. The skin on frame kayak responds actively to the changing sea conditions.
From the gentle undulation of a calm day, to a storm’s fury, your Feathercraft kayak offers a sense of security, of being taken care of. Wave energy is absorbed, and the skin kayak flows through surges and swells, protecting you. You experience the fluid environment that surrounds you.You are not separate from the water, but joined. Feathercraft


Camano from Werner  Wernerpaddles

Dry Bags

We provide enough stuffbags for all our guests so that your personal belongings will remain dry at all times.


Our tents from Hilleberg, Helsport and Terra Nova, provides you shelter and comfort in any weather conditions and at all times.


All our guests will be given comfortable, waterproof clothing for the time in the kayak.

What we do not provide:

Camping chairs, tables or table cloth.

Personal equipment

Once you have signed in for a seakayak trip with us, you will get a well detailed brochure that may be helpfull to prepair your own equipment for the trip.