Services and Prices

General Infromation

AGITUR's prices are all inclusve (see dealed information). There are no hidden charges. If you organize your own transport, AGITUR will take good care from the moment of arrival until we drop you off.

What the price includes:

  • Administration and logistics
  • Getting there and away; train or plane, according to your destination (depends on your booking)
  • Transfers to the starting points and back
  • All equipment (kayaks, paddles, camping equipment and much more)
  • Accomodation: tents while on tour, hotels and/or huts (see detailed trip description)
  • All food while on tour

You may bring your own kayak or equipment by agreement.


If you book a trip with AGITUR you need have no future worries but to pack your own personal belongings and get on plane or train, so that you can relax and look forward to your trip. All we ask is that all our particiapants are willing to much in and lend a hand packing and loading their own kayak.


The experienced AGITUR guides alwaya know where they are going. When we guid people, we like to give them all the information, so our guest are informed about the guides plan for the day, but also information and a detailed knowledge of the area in which we are travelling. How many miles we cover each day is of course dictated by the weather and the conditions, taking into consideration the fitness and stamina of the particiapants. To be a guide also means making clear decisioins, whenever it is necessary for the wellbeing an dsafety of the group as whole and also each individual. Despit our role in making decissions, w try had to ensure that our guests enjoy the greatest possible freedom. We like to think, that we live by our motto: after all, its all about your holidays.


leistungen essen
AGITUR’s guest eat with appetite and relish, which is not surprising since being out on the ocean and the sea air makes you hungry. The distances covered each day require energy so it is important to make sure that you are well fed. The guides take this into consideration. Don’t expect 3-course dinners, our meals are simple, tasty and nourishing and lovingly prepared on the open fire for you. Some of our customers have come again and again if only for our legendary cuisine. Finally if you worry that you may put on weight, remeber you'll soon burn up body fat and replace it with muscles.


On our tours we mostly sleep in tents. However, on certain toures we also stay in huts and hotels (see detailed programme)

Equipment and Gear

We also provide first rate equipment.

Group sizes

The size of the group on our tours is from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9 participants. In some cases tours may take place with fewer than 5 participants, should this happen there will be an extra charge.