For your Safety

Don't worry. Today we won't go paddling!

Your safety is our number one concern. We are not just saying this, it is the sum of 20 years experience of the sea. As your guides we are reponsible for the safety of our guests and we take this responsibility very seriously.

The following points are particulary important to us:

  • a healty respect for the elements
  • reliable equipment
  • well informed participants
  • extensive knowledge of the area
  • extensive experience in interpreting and judging the conditions
  • The courage to refuse to go out to se in unfavourable conditions
  • Continuous communication with the local lifeboat rescue services at all times
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility for our guests.

In spite of all our efforts for the safety and well-being of our guests. we are aware of the element of unpredictability whiche must be in mind when kayakin on the open sea.