Can I do this?

"We say: yes you can."

Previous experience

Some experience of kayaking can be an advantage, but is is not absolutlely necessary to participate on one of our tours. Learning to paddle is quite simple and can be picked up quickly once you are on the water. Judgin the weather conditions and deciding on the route is the responsibiblity of AGITUR. This is what you pay for. To all those who would like to try kayaking before signing up for a tour or physically preparing themselves beforehand we recommend that you take a look at the numerous offers of selected canoeing and kayak schools. Learning to paddle.

On the first place there should be a strong wish to try and paticipate on what AGITUR offers in combination with interest in the region you would like to travel and paddle in. You also should be physically fit and enthusiastic. It can be sometimes choppy out there, waves might roll and winds might blow from ahead so you must be prepared mentally to endure adverse weather. And last but not least, you must obviously be able to swim.
You might be too young, but never too old to go seakayaking. Do not expect great comfort. If you prefer a regular bed to a sleeping bag on a mattress on the ground and you think a stone to sit on at dinner might be to hard, then consider our trip to Sardinia where the comfort of a hotel is provided.


Grönland, Svalbard

On our trips to Greenland and Spitsbergen (Svalbard) the technical difficulties of kayaking are practically nil. Because of the low temperature of the water we more or less always kayak on calm, still waters for safety reasons. Having said that, there are days when the wind blows hard, it rains heavily and our camp for the night is still far away. At such times a degree of stamina and fortitude is called for. Our itinenary includes days of rest particulary when the weather is inclement.

Sardinia, Elba and Greece

Already in spring the water temperature of the Mediterraniean is quite pleasant. In October it is still warm enough to go swimming. Wind and rough waters are a feature of every tour to the Mediterranean.

Lofoten (Norway)

The Lofoten are called the Weaver of Light, wiche means the weather is very changeable. North of the artic circle the water is not warm enough for swimming. The locals of course are more hardy. The wind and the waves are not the decicive factor, however a level of good physical fitness is required.


There may be more hours of sunshin here than elsewhere in Scandinavia, but the weather can also be variable. Despit its northern latitude you may be tempted to take the plunge. Once again, it is not the wind and waves that are decisive in this archipelago but a reasonable level of fitness.